7th Annual Classical Music Conference of Lakshyapar

Lakshyapar into the 2nd Octave

Lakshyapar has just accomplished its first cycle of journey towards expansion of classical music all around. Since 2009, each year taken as a musical note, Lakshyapar has struck NI(wb)the 7th note with its 7th annual classical music conference. Held on 6-7 January at NCL Convention Centre, Narayanganj, the programmes were dedicated to Pandit Jnanprakash Ghosh.

The first day was reserved for a classical vocal competition to find out the best six boys and girls for Haradhan-Sukhen Scholarships. The attractions of the final day were varied. This year a new event was added. It was a very interesting exhibition of live musical instruments ranging from Bangladeshi folk to sub-continental classical genres. A huge initial audience of at least five hundred people was welcomed with a group performance of of raag Madhubanti. It was followed by“Lakshyapar Lifetime Achievement Award-2015”ceremony. This part began with the screening of “Taarei Khunje Beraai”, a documentary on veteran Saanaai player from Madaripur Hiranna Chandra Das who was confererred the honour. The traditionally ritualistic and intensely emotional part was highly praised by Deputy Commissioner Mr. Anisur Rahman Mian and Mr. Abdul Hai, the Administrator of Jela Parishad.

Then began the night long sessions of classical music in two parts. As ususual, the recitals began with this year’s “artiste of the future” Bengal Scholar Abhijit Kundu who sang his heart out through a kheyal rendition of raag Yaman. Shiuli Bhattacharya played raag Jog on violin. The spreading flavor of khichuri-labra-egg korma called all to a late but lavish dinner which has always been special from Lakshyapar.

The second and last session brought on stage Amzad Hossain from Kolkata. The sitarist who has blessings from no other than Vilayet Khan played raag Darbari. Vocal sensation from Naogaon Bipul Chatterjee performed raag Behag. Sarodiya from Kolkata Arnab Bhattacharya’s raag Ahri Bhairon was followed by a Todi on santoor by Shuddhashil Chatterjee. Fakir Suman’s vocal performance on raag Lalit and a short wrapper on raag Bhairabi took the conference to an end.

Three online radio stations Radio Lakshyapar, Radio Narayanganj and Radio Nree took the programme live to a stunning audience of about a hundred thousand.