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Lakshyapar’s 10th Annual Classical Music Conference was held recently with great enthusiasm and festivity. It was dedicated to Sudhin Das, described as the “sincerest soul of Bangladesh music.” The conference was designed to make the celebration memorable and significant. The objective was to reach out to the future generations who are expected to take the musical wand upright.

The inaugural session was arranged at the Narayanganj High School and College campus. It was titled ‘Surer Beej Buni’ meaning sowing the seeds of melody. About five hundred students enjoyed a five men tabla lahara by the disciples of Swarup Hossain from Chhayanaut. The violin-flute-tabla trio of Ahmed brothers fascinated the young boys and girls present. The session concluded with a kathak dance by Moumita Roy Jaya.

The classical caravan, as said by coordinator Asit Kumar, moved to the Narayanganj Ideal School ground for the second day’s repertoire. This time, there was an hour long performance by the students of Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay. Nusrat E Jahan Khusbu’s tabla solo was followed with rapt attention by other students. Sohini Majumder took the stage with her sitar. Sohini’s rendition of Raga Behag was received with amazement. The chairman Kashem Jamal, who happens to be the chief advisor of Lakshyapar, said that he will give incentives to students who want to learn classical music. The closing performance, a beautiful composition based on Raga Basant on esraaj, was designed by Debashish Halder.

The third day included two sessions. The organisers hosted the Lakshyapar Lifetime Award ceremony. Veteran vocalist Bidhushi Alaka Das from Comilla received the award this year.

Nightlong classical music sessions were held at, the yet to be inaugurated studio theatre of Ali Ahmed Chunka City Library and Auditorium complex. The session opener came with Sangeet Achrya Rezwan Ali (Lablu) leading a team of his disciples from Lakshyapar Paramparaa. It was a sonorous presentation of Raga Yaman in dhrupad. The other vocalists were Alamgir Parvez from RU, Supriya Das, Susmita Debnath Suchi, Tinku Shil and Avijit Kundu from BPS. Preetam Banerjee and Nishit Dey with Sitar, Arnab Bhattacharya with Sarod, Rezaul Karim with violin and Rupak Mukherjee with flute, entertained the audience.