H i s t o r y

17 December 2009 saw the birth of a new spirit by the bank of the river Shitalakshya. It was the launching night of Lakshyapar (Classical Music Conference). The reigning president of Narayanganj Club Limited (NCL) Mr. Kashem Jamal showed his far-sight when approached with the profile of an initiative motivated to expand the horizon of Sub-continental Classical Music from the district of Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It was his earnestness that won the consent of the then executive committee of NCL which resulted in an overwhelming night of classical music and its continuation …..

but…. just as Rome was not built in a day so was not Lakshyapar in a night….the trail is much longer than that….

Mission & Vision

Lakshyapar is to expand the culture of Classical Music against its declining trend. We strongly believe that classical music has great potentials to influence man’s taste, temperament, demeanour and disposition through an inviting involving imaginative spell that it casts on its listeners. Yes, we want to influence people in that we want to help them in a world that is ever growing tense creating unbearable stress and thus decaying man’s tolerance. Our primary target is our home district Narayanganj which is situated by the river Shitalkshya from which Lakshyapar has taken its name. The expansion is intended to happen in two ways: (a) helping people to appreciate classical music by creating an environment of social intimacy and hospitality in our concerts where entry and refreshment ranging from evening snack with unlimited tea to  supper in case of night long concerts are free of cost (b) motivating young boys and girls through their guardians at home and teachers at schools giving lucrative prizes, certificates and incentive scholarships to winners in classical music competitions arranged by us every year. We dream of a society of men who are dominantly calm, joyful, relaxed, sensitive to nature, imaginative and above all humane. We take no money from our audience or our trainees or competitors. Lakshyapar clearly defines itself as a non-profit organization. All the persons in the operation contribute on honorary basis and there are some who make financial contributions as well. We have taken Classical Music as a medium of social reformation through a long-term cultural evolution.

Lakshyapar Circle

  Chief Adviser  :  Kashem Jamal

  Adviser  :  Tamal Kanti Sarker

  Adviser  :  Sankar K. Roy

  Adviser  :  Amitabh Chakrabarti

  Adviser  :  Mohammad Parvez Rana

  Adviser  :  Nabanit Saha

  Coordinator  :  Asit Kumar

  Founder Member   :   Santosh Dhali

  Founder Member   :   Iqbal Ahmed Suman

  Founder Member   :   Shaswati Pal

  Founder Member   :   Sumana Biswas

Software Consultant : Anindya Bhowmik
Design & Illustration Suppport: Amal Akash (Patua), Mamun Hossain (Taanton), Saurav Das (Canvas), Jahid Ahmed (Narayanganj Preparatory School)

Field Force: Saddam Hossain Tufan, Mahmudur Rahman Shaibal, Golam Rabbani Anik, Md. Sohanur Rahman Sumon, Shariful Islam Sajib, Abdur Razzak Rajib